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Rhythm and colors : Mel Lancet

Music, ceramics and paintings


Mel Lancet , originally from Saguenay, extended his artistic influence to Quebec and Montreal. From the age of fourteen, she embarked on her musical career by participating in singing competitions and as a singer in various rock bands. His love for 1950s music and jazz grew over time. During his bachelor's degree in Jazz performance at Laval University, Mel founded the groups Mel and the Blue Rhythm Jazz Band (jazz and blues, 2008-2014) and Melvis and the Jive Cats (rockabilly-swing, 2010-present) .

With a DEC in applied arts from Cégep de Jonquière, a Baccalaureate in communications, culture and writing from Laval University in Quebec, an ASP in project management from the Maurice-Barbeau school in Quebec and a diploma in computer graphics and web, Mel has acquired a solid training which enriches her different artistic expressions.

In 2020, she expanded her artistic expression by working on an album of personal compositions with director Michel Dagenais, and the first EP was released in 2021. She also announced several collaborations for 2021 with DJs and friends.

After a period of renewal in 2022, she became passionate about ceramics, falling in love with the return to the raw material. Inspired by the intense colors and geometry of the 1960s, she developed a collection of ceramics that reflects her artistic style.

In the store, discover its world through captivating options. All of his works, whether musical, ceramic or pictorial, are designed to inspire and enrich your daily life.

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